right (n.)
just claim, rights, title
1H4 III.i.66[Glendower to all] shall we divide our right / According to our threefold order taken?
3H6 I.ii.11[Richard to York, of the King] Your right depends not on his life or death
3H6 III.iii.190[Warwick to Lewis] Did I put Henry from his native right
3H6 IV.iv.32[Lady Grey to Rivers] I'll hence forthwith unto the sanctuary, / To save at least the heir of Edward's right
3H6 V.v.37[Prince to Edward, George, and Richard] thou usurpest my father's right and mine
3H6 V.vi.73[Richard alone] Had I not reason ... to make haste, / And seek their ruin that usurped our right?
CE II.i.40[Adriana to Luciana] if thou live to see like right bereft
KJ II.i.237[King Philip to Hubert, of Arthur] Lo, in this right hand, whose protection / Is most divinely vowed upon the right / Of him it holds [second instance]
KJ II.i.282[Hubert to King John and King Philip, of their right to enter Angiers] We, for the worthiest, hold the right from both
KJ II.i.47[Constance to King Philip, of Chatillon] may from England bring / That right in peace which here we urge in war [i.e. the acceptance of our rightful claim]
Luc.1027[Lucrece to herself] This helpless smoke of words doth me no right
R3 IV.iv.15[Queen Margaret to herself] Say that right for right / Hath dimmed your infant morn to aged night
Tit I.i.200[Titus to Marcus, of his sons] slain manfully in arms, / In right and service of their noble country