return (v.) Old form(s): Returne , Returnes
answer, report, say in reply [to]
CE II.ii.166[Adriana to Dromio of Syracuse, of her husband] and this thou didst return from him
H5 III.iii.46[Governor to King Henry] The Dauphin, whom of succours we entreated, / Returns us that his powers are not yet ready
Per II.ii.4[Simonides to First Lord, of the Knights] Return them we are ready
R2 I.iii.122[King Richard to his counsellors] let the trumpets sound / While we return these dukes what we decree
R2 III.iii.121[King Richard to Northumberland, of Bolingbroke] The King returns / His noble cousin is right welcome hither
TC I.iii.54.1[Nestor to Agamemnon] the thing of courage ... / Returns to chiding fortune [F Retyres]

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