retire (n.) Old form(s): Retyre
retreat, withdrawal
1H4 II.iii.53[Lady Percy to Hotspur] thou hast talked / Of ... retires
3H6 II.i.149[Richard to Edward and Warwick, of Warwick] Oft have I heard his praises in pursuit, / But ne'er till now his scandal of retire
Cor[stage direction] Enter Cominius, as it were in retire
Cor[Cominius to his soldiers] We are come off / Like Romans, neither foolish in our stands / Nor cowardly in retire
Cym V.iii.40[Posthumus to Lord] Then began / A stop i'th' chaser; a retire
H5 IV.iii.86[Montjoy to King Henry] mind / Thy followers of repentance, that their souls / May make a peaceful and a sweet retire / From off these fields
KJ II.i.253[King Philip to Hubert, of a French retreat] with a blessed and unvexed retire
KJ II.i.326[Hubert to Heralds] we might behold ... the onset and retire of both your armies
KJ V.v.4[Lewis the Dauphin to all] When English measured backward their own ground / In faint retire
LLL II.i.220[Boyet to Princess, of the King] all his behaviours did make their retire / To the court of his eye
Luc.174[of Tarquin] honest fear ... / Doth too too oft betake him to retire
Luc.573[of Lucrece pleading with Tarquin] She conjures him ... / That to his borrowed bed he make retire
TC V.iii.53[Troilus to Hector, of Mars] Beckoning with fiery truncheon my retire
TC V.iv.20.2[Diomedes to Troilus] Thou dost miscall retire
TC V.viii.15[Achilles to Myrmidons] Hark, a retire upon our Grecian part [Q; F retreat]

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