respect (n.)
attention, heed, deliberation
1H4 IV.iii.31[Blunt to Hotspur] I come with gracious offers from the King / If you vouchsafe me hearing and respect
H8 V.iii.119[Gardiner to and of King Henry] out of dear respect, / His royal self in judgement comes to hear / The cause
KJ IV.ii.214[King John to Hubert, of taking a hint as a command] when perchance it frowns / More upon humour than advised respect
LLL V.ii.777[Princess to King, of not treating the lords' approaches seriously] more devout than this in our respects / Have we not been
Luc.275[Tarquin to himself] Respect and reason wait on wrinkled age!
MM II.ii.86[Isabella to Angelo] Shall we serve heaven / With less respect than we do minister / To our gross selves?
MV I.i.74[Gratiano to Antonio] You have too much respect upon the world
TC II.ii.49[Troilus to Helenus] reason and respect / Make livers pale and lustihood deject
Tim IV.iii.259[Timon to Apemantus] and never learned / The icy precepts of respect [also: moral reflection]

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