respect (n.)
regard, admiration, favour, opinion
Cym II.iii.134[Innogen to Cloten, of Posthumus] His mean'st garment ... is dearer / In my respect, than all the hairs above thee
Cym III.v.136[Cloten alone, of Innogen] she held the very garment of Posthumus in more respect than my noble and natural person
H8 II.iii.95[Old Lady to Anne, of the King's gift] A thousand pounds a year, for pure respect!
JC I.ii.59[Cassius to Brutus, of Caesar] many of the best respect in Rome ... / Have wished that noble Brutus had his eyes
JC V.v.45[Brutus to Strato] Thou art a fellow of a good respect
KJ III.iii.28[King John to Hubert] I am almost ashamed / To say what good respect I have of thee
KL I.i.255[France to Cordelia] 'Tis strange that from their cold'st neglect / My love should kindle to inflamed respect
MND II.i.224[Helena to Demetrius] you in my respect are all the world [i.e. to my mind]
MND V.i.91[Theseus to Hippolyta] what poor duty cannnot do, noble respect / Takes it in might, not merit [i.e. the noble way of seeing it]
Oth IV.ii.189[Roderigo to Iago, of Desdemona] You have ... returned me expectations and comforts of sudden respect and acquaintance
Per III.iii.33[Dionyza to Pericles, of her child] Who shall not be more dear to my respect / Than yours
TC II.iii.163[Ulysses to Agamemnon, of Achilles] He ... carries on the stream of his dispose, / Without observance or respect of any

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