relieve (v.) Old form(s): Releeu'd , releeue , relieue , relieued
aid, assist, rescue
AC V.ii.41.1[Proculeius to Cleopatra, of her capture] who are in this / Relieved, but not betrayed
AW V.iii.86[King to Bertram, of Helena's ring] by this token / I would relieve her
Cym V.v.401[Innogen to Belarius] You ... did relieve me, / To see this gracious season
KL III.iii.13[Gloucester to Edmund, of Lear] I will look him and privily relieve him
KL III.iii.17[Gloucester to Edmund] the King my old master must be relieved
TN III.iv.352[Antonio to Second Officer, of Viola as Cesario] I ... / Relieved him with such sanctity of love

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