reason (n.)
reasonable view, sensible judgement, right opinion
2H4 II.ii.46[Prince Henry to Poins] keeping such vile company as thou art hath in reason taken from me all ostentation of sorrow
3H6 II.ii.93[Clifford to Edward, of the succession] And reason too; / Who should succeed the father but the son?
H5 V.ii.323[French King to King Henry] We have consented to all terms of reason
KJ IV.iii.31[Bastard to Salisbury] 'twere reason you had manners now
KJ V.ii.130[Bastard to Lewis the Dauphin, of King John's readiness for battle] He is prepared, and reason too he should
LLL II.i.168[King to Princess, of a further meeting] at which interview / All liberal reason I will yield unto
MA V.i.41[Leonato to Antonio] thou speak'st reason
MA V.iv.74.2[Beatrice to Benedick, responding to 'Do not you love me?'] no more than reason
MV III.v.38[Launcelot to Lorenzo] It is much that the Moor should be more than reason
Tim II.i.12[Senator alone, of Timon] No reason / Can sound his state in safety
WT IV.iv.403[disguised Polixenes to Florizel, of Florizel's father] Reason my son / Should choose himself a wife