resolve (v.) Old form(s): resolue
answer, respond to
3H6 III.ii.19[Lady Grey to Edward] May it please your highness to resolve me now
AYL III.ii.225[Celia to Rosalind] It is as easy to count atomies as to resolve the propositions of a lover
E3 II.ii.45[Lodowick to King Edward, of the Countess] ere night / She will resolve your majesty
LLL II.i.110[Princess to King] suddenly resolve me in my suit
MM III.i.191[Isabella to disguised Duke, of Angelo] I am now going to resolve him
Per I.i.72[Pericles to himself, reading the riddle] as you will live, resolve it you
Per V.i.13.1[Sailor of Mytilene to Lysimachus, of Helicanus] This is the man that can in aught you would / Resolve you
Per V.iii.61.1[Thaisa to Pericles] Lord Cerimon ... can / From first to last resolve you
R3 IV.ii.116[Buckingham to King Richard] May it please you to resolve me in my suit?
R3 IV.ii.26[Buckingham to King Richard] I will resolve you herein presently
Tit V.iii.35[Titus to Saturninus] My lord the Emperor, resolve me this
TS IV.ii.7[Bianca to Lucentio as Cambio] What, master, read you? First resolve me that