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gentle (adj.) Old form(s): getle
well-born, honourable, noble
1H4 I.i.31[King Henry to Westmorland] Then let me hear / Of you, my gentle cousin Westmorland
1H4 I.iii.250[Hotspur to Northumnberland and Worcester, quoting King Henry] ‘gentle Harry Percy’, and ‘kind cousin’
1H4 III.i.208[Glendower to Mortimer, of Mortimer's wife] She bids you on the wanton rushes lay you down, / And rest your gentle head upon her lap [or: sense 4]
1H4 V.ii.54[Vernon to Hotspur] Unless a brother should a brother dare / To gentle exercise and proof of arms [or: sense 2]
1H6 II.iv.132[Richard to Lawyer, of wearing the white rose] Thanks, gentle sir
1H6 III.ii.121[Talbot to Burgundy, receiving his praise] Thanks, gentle Duke
1H6 III.ii.135[Talbot to Burgundy, of Bedford] A gentler heart did never sway in court
1H6 IV.i.44[Talbot to King, of Falstaff's disgrace] like a hedge-born swain / That doth presume to boast of gentle blood
1H6 V.iii.110[Suffolk to Margaret] gentle Princess
1H6 V.iii.123[Suffolk to Margaret] gentle madam
1H6 V.iv.8[Pucelle to Shepherd] I am descended of a gentler blood
2H4 epilogue.12[Epilogue to and of the audience] my gentle creditors
2H4 I.i.189[Morton to Northumberland] The gentle Archbishop of York is up / With well-appointed powers
2H4 II.iii.1[Northumberland to Lady Northumberland and Lady Percy] I pray thee, loving wife, and gentle daughter
2H4 III.ii.289[Falstaff to Shallow and Silence] Fare you well, gentle gentlemen
2H4 IV.ii.2[Prince John to Archbishop] Good day to you, gentle Lord Archbishop
2H4 IV.ii.78[Westmorland to Mowbray] Health to my lord and gentle cousin
2H4 IV.v.1[King Henry IV to all] Let there be no noise made, my gentle friends
2H4 IV.v.84[Warwick to King Henry IV, of Prince Henry] Washing with kindly tears his gentle cheeks
2H6 III.ii.289[Queen to King] let me plead for gentle Suffolk!
2H6 III.ii.305[Suffolk to Queen] Cease, gentle Queen, these execrations
3H6 I.i.214[King to Queen] Be patient, gentle Queen, and I will stay
3H6 I.i.259[King to Prince Edward] Gentle son Edward, thou wilt stay with me?
3H6 I.i.31[York to Norfolk] Thanks, gentle Norfolk
3H6 II.ii.172[Edward to Queen] thou deniest the gentle King to speak
AC II.vii.119[Caesar to all] Gentle lords, let's part
AC III.iv.20.2[Antony to Octavia] Gentle Octavia, / Let your best love draw to that point which seeks / Best to preserve it
AC III.xi.25[Eros to Cleopatra, of Antony] gentle madam, to him, comfort him
AC V.ii.94.2[Dolabella to Cleopatra] Gentle madam
AW IV.iv.14.2[Widow to Helena] Gentle madam
AYL I.i.42[Orlando to Oliver] in the gentle condition of blood you should so know me
AYL I.ii.227.2[Celia to Rosalind, of Orlando] Gentle cousin, / Let us go thank him
AYL I.ii.267[Le Beau to Orlando, of Duke Frederick and Rosalind] this Duke / Hath ta'en displeasure 'gainst his gentle niece
AYL II.iii.12[Adam to Orlando] your virtues, gentle master, / Are sanctified and holy traitors to you
AYL II.iii.2[Adam to Orlando] O my gentle master
AYL III.ii.151[Rosalind as Ganymede as if to Jupiter, of Orlando's verses] O most gentle Jupiter, what tedious homily of love have you wearied your parishioners withal
AYL IV.iii.143[Oliver to Rosalind as Ganymede and Celia as Aliena, of Orlando] he led me to the gentle Duke
Cor II.i.165[Volumnia to Coriolanus] My gentle Martius, worthy Caius
Cor IV.i.8[Coriolanus to all] fortune's blows / When most struck home, being gentle wounded craves / A noble cunning [i.e. to be noble when wounded by the hardest blows demands a nobleman's ability]
Cym III.v.29[Cymbeline to Queen] my gentle queen
Cym IV.ii.171[Belarius alone, of Guiderius and Arviragus] they are as gentle / As zephyrs blowing below the violet
Cym IV.ii.39[Guiderius to Belarius and Arviragus, of Innogen disguised as Fidele] He said he was gentle, but unfortunate
Cym V.v.337[Belarius to Cymbeline, of Guiderius and Arviragus] These gentle princes-- / For such and so they are--these twenty years / Have I trained up
Cym V.v.375[Innogen to Guiderius and Arviragus] O my gentle brothers
E3 II.i.202[Countess to King Edward] Thrice gentle King, / Acquaint me with your cause of discontent
E3 III.i.188[King John to Philip] Come, gentle Philip, let us hence depart
E3 V.i.164[King Edward to Queen] Comfort thyself, as I do, gentle Queen
H5 II.ii.14[King Henry to Grey] And you, my gentle knight, give me your thoughts
H5 IV.chorus.45[Chorus] mean and gentle all / Behold ... / A little touch of Harry in the night
H5 IV.iii.122[King Henry to Montjoy] Come thou no more for ransom, gentle Herald
H5 IV.v.15[Bourbon to all] a slave, no gentler than my dog
H5 V.ii.200[King Henry to Katherine] gentle Princess
Ham II.ii.33[Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] Thanks, Rosencrantz and gentle Guildenstern
Ham III.iv.123[Gertrude to Hamlet] O gentle son, / Upon the heat and flame of thy distemper / Sprinkle cool patience
JC I.ii.232[Brutus to Casca, of how Caesar was offered the crown] Tell us the manner of it, gentle Casca
JC I.ii.71[Cassius to Brutus] And be not jealous on me, gentle Brutus
JC II.i.171[Brutus to all, of Caesar] gentle friends, / Let's kill him boldly
JC II.i.278.2[Brutus to Portia] Kneel not, gentle Portia [pun: 279, sense 2]
JC V.v.73[Antony to all, of Brutus] His life was gentle
KJ II.i.52[King John to Chatillon] What England says, say briefly, gentle lord
KJ III.iii.17.1[Elinor to King John] Farewell, gentle cousin
KJ III.iv.22[King Philip to Constance] Patience, good lady. Comfort, gentle Constance
KJ IV.ii.159.2[King John to Bastard] O my gentle cousin, / Hearest thou the news abroad, who are arrived?
KL[disguised Edgar to Gentleman] Hail, gentle sir
LLL II.i.208.2[Maria to Boyet] gentle beast
LLL II.i.83[Boyet to Princess, of the King] he and his competitors in oath / Were all addressed to meet you, gentle lady, / Before I came
LLL III.i.161[Berowne to Costard] The Princess comes to hunt here in the park, / And in her train there is a gentle lady
LLL IV.iii.170[Berowne to Longaville] tell me ... gentle Longaville, where lies thy pain?
Luc.1148[] Since men prove beasts, let beasts bear gentle minds
Luc.851[] Why should ... tyrant folly lurk in gentle breasts?
Mac II.iii.80.2[Macduff to Lady Macbeth] O gentle lady, / 'Tis not for you to hear what I can speak
Mac III.ii.27[Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] >Gentle my lord, sleek o'er your rugged looks
Mac IV.iii.161[Macduff to Malcolm] My ever gentle cousin, welcome hither
MM II.ii.143[Isabella to Angelo] Gentle my lord, turn back
MM IV.v.14[Duke to Varrius] There's other of our friends / Will greet us here anon, my gentle Varrius
MM V.i.425.1[Mariana to Duke] Gentle my liege!
MND III.ii.152[Helena to all] You would not use a gentle lady so
MND V.i.29[Theseus to the lovers] Joy, gentle friends, joy and fresh days of love / Accompany your hearts
MV II.i.12[Morocco to Portia] I would not change this hue, / Except to steal your thoughts, my gentle queen
MV III.ii.189[Gratiano to Bassanio and Portia] My lord Bassanio, and my gentle lady
Oth I.iii.176[Brabantio to Desdemona] Come hither, gentle mistress
Oth I.iii.50[Duke to Brabantio] welcome, gentle signor
Oth II.i.117[Iago to Desdemona, of writing about her] O, gentle lady, do not put me to't
Per V.i.67[Lysimachus to Helicanus, of Marina] were I well assured [she] / Came of a gentle kind and noble stock, / I'd wish no better choice
R2 II.iii.45[Bolingbroke to Percy] I thank thee, gentle Percy
R2 III.i.42[Bolingbroke to York] Thanks, gentle uncle
R2 IV.i.228[Richard to Northumberland] Gentle Northumberland
R2 V.ii.28[York to Duchess of York] men's eyes / Did scowl on gentle Richard [or: sense 6]
R2 V.iii.90[Duchess of York to King Henry] Hear me, gentle liege
R2[King Henry to Northumberland] We thank thee, gentle Percy, for thy pains
R3 I.ii.114.2[Richard to Anne] gentle Lady Anne
R3 I.iii.72[Richard to all] Since every Jack became a gentleman / There's many a gentle person made a Jack
R3 III.i.102[York to Richard] I thank you, gentle uncle
R3 III.i.117[Richard to York] gentle cousin
R3 IV.iv.147[Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] Where is the gentle Rivers, Vaughan, Grey?
R3 IV.iv.242[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Th'advancement of your children, gentle lady
R3 V.iii.56[King Richard to Norfolk] Stir with the lark tomorrow, gentle Norfolk
RJ I.ii.16[Capulet to Paris, of Juliet] woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart
RJ I.iv.13[Mercutio to Romeo] Nay, gentle Romeo, we must have you dance [or: sense 2]
Sonn.100.6[] Return, forgetful Muse, and straight redeem / In gentle numbers time so idly spent
Sonn.79.2[] My verse alone had all thy gentle grace
Sonn.81.9[] Your monument shall be my gentle verse
Sonn.96.2[]Some say thy grace is youth and gentle sport
TC II.iii.148[Agamemnon to Ajax, comparing him with Achilles] you are as strong, as valiant, as wise, no less noble, much more gentle [or: sense 2]
TC IV.v.139[Ajax to Hector] Thou art too gentle and too free a man
TC IV.v.227[Ulysses to Hector] Most gentle and most valiant Hector, welcome
TC IV.v.88[Agamemnon to Diomedes] Go, gentle knight
TG I.ii.14[Julia to Lucetta] What thinkest thou of the gentle Proteus?
TG III.i.14[Proteus to Duke, of Thurio] whom your gentle daughter hates
TG IV.ii.19[Proteus to Thurio] gentle Thurio
TG IV.ii.88[Proteus to Silvia, of himself] Sir Proteus, gentle lady, and your servant
TG IV.iii.46[Eglamour to Silvia] Good morrow, gentle lady
Tim I.i.182[Timon to Apemantus] Good morrow to thee, gentle Apemantus [punned in next line: sense 2]
Tim V.iv.48[First Senator to Alcibiades] Set but thy foot / Against our rampired gates and they shall ope, / So thou wilt send thy gentle heart before, / To say thou'lt enter friendly
Tit I.i.174[Titus to Marcus] Thanks, gentle tribune
Tit I.i.444[Tamora to Saturninus, of Titus] Nor with sour looks afflict his gentle heart
Tit II.iii.66[Lavinia to Tamora] Under your patience, gentle Empress
Tit IV.i.82[Marcus to Titus] O, calm thee, gentle lord
Tit V.ii.122[Titus to Marcus] Go, gentle Marcus, to thy nephew Lucius
Tit V.ii.156[Titus to Publis, of Chiron and Demetrius] bind them, gentle Publius
Tit V.iii.146[Lucius to all] Thanks, gentle Romans
TN I.v.172[Viola as Cesario to Olivia] Good gentle one, give me modest assurance if you be the lady of the house
TNK II.i.124.2[Palamon to Arcite] gentle cousin
TNK II.i.190.2[Woman to Emilia] gentle madam
TNK II.iv.7[Arcite to Theseus, of his prowess as a gentleman] My father said so, / And to those gentle uses gave me life
TNK III.i.37[Palamon to and of Arcite] the voidest of honour / That e'er bore gentle token
TNK[Arcite to Palamon] Gentle cousin
TS I.i.25[Tranio to Lucentio] gentle master mine
Ven.278[of Adonis' horse] Sometime he trots, as if he told the steps, / With gentle majesty and modest pride
WT I.ii.394[Polixenes to Camillo] our parents' noble names, / In whose success we are gentle
WT II.i.98[Hermione to Leontes] Gentle my lord

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