green (adj.) Old form(s): greene
fresh, recent, new
2H4 II.i.95[Hostess to Falstaff, of prawns] I told thee they were ill for a green wound
2H4 IV.v.203[King Henry IV to Prince Henry, of succeeding to the crown] Thou art not firm enough, since griefs are green
2H6 III.i.287[Post to all, of rebellion in Ireland] being green, there is great hope of help
E3 II.i.63[King Edward to Lodowick] Since green our thoughts, green be the conventicle / Where we will ease us by disburd'ning them [first instance]
H5 V.i.40[Fluellen to Pistol, of his leek] it is good for your green wound and your ploody coxcomb
Ham I.ii.2[Claudius to his court] Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother's death / The memory be green
LLL IV.iii.73[Berowne to himself, of Longaville's verse] This is the liver vein, which makes ... / A green goose a goddess
RJ IV.iii.42[Juliet alone, of the tomb] Where bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth, / Lies festering
TS III.ii.210[Katherina to Petruchio] You may be jogging whiles your boots are green
TS IV.v.47[Katherina to Vincentio] everything I look on seemeth green

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