grief (n.) Old form(s): greefe, greefes , Griefe , griefes
grievance, complaint, hurt, injury
1H4 IV.iii.42[Blunt to Hotspur] The King hath sent to know / The nature of your griefs
2H4 IV.i.108[Westmorland to Mowbray] it not appears to me ... / That you should have an inch of any ground / To build a grief on
2H4 IV.i.140[Westmorland to Mowbray] Here come I from our princely general / To know your griefs
2H4 IV.i.69[Archbishop to Westmorland] we ... find our griefs heavier than our offences
2H4 IV.i.73[Archbishop to Westmorland] [we] have the summary of all our griefs ... to show in articles
2H4 IV.ii.36[Archbishop to Prince John] I sent your grace / The parcels and particulars of our grief
2H4 IV.ii.59[Prince John to Westmorland] these griefs shall be with speed redressed
2H4 IV.v.203[King Henry IV to Prince Henry, of succeeding to the crown] Thou art not firm enough, since griefs are green
3H6 III.iii.19[Lewis to Queen] tell thy grief
AC II.ii.104[Maecenas to Caesar and Antony] If it might please you to enforce no further / The griefs between ye
Cym III.iv.24[Innogen reading Posthumus' letter to Pisanio] I speak ... from proof as strong as my grief
H8 I.ii.56[Queen Katherine to King Henry] The subject's grief / Comes through commissions
H8 III.i.92.1[Campeius to Queen Katherine] I would your grace / Would leave your griefs
Ham III.i.178[Polonius to Claudius, of Hamlet] The origin and commencement of his grief
JC I.iii.118[Casca to Cassius] Be factious for redress of all these griefs
JC III.ii.214[Antony to all, of Caesar's killers] What private griefs they have, alas, I know not, / That made them do it
JC IV.ii.42[Brutus to Cassius] Speak your griefs softly
KJ IV.iii.29[Salisbury to Bastard] Our griefs, and not our manners, reason now
Per II.iv.23[First Lord to Helicanus] our griefs are risen to the top
R3 IV.iv.37[Queen Margaret to Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of York] let my griefs frown on the upper hand [F; Q woes]
Sonn.90.10[] When other petty griefs have done their spite
TC I.iii.2[Agamemnon to all] What grief hath set the jaundice on your cheeks?
TG V.iv.143[Duke to Valentine] I here forget all former griefs
Tim V.iv.14[First Senator to Alcibiades] When thy first griefs were but a mere conceit
Tim V.iv.24[First Senator to Alcibiades] These walls of ours / Were not erected by those hands from whom / You have received your grief
TNK III.i.54[Arcite to Palamon] show in generous terms your griefs