give in charge Old form(s): gaue , giuen
give orders, command, direct
1H6 II.iii.1[Countess to Porter] remember what I gave in charge
2H6 II.iv.80[Stanley to Gloucester, of his orders to escort the Duchess] So am I given in charge
3H6 IV.i.32[Richard to Edward] Warwick, doing what you gave in charge, / Is now dishonoured by this new marriage
E3 II.ii.16[Derby to Audley, of King Edward] he gave in charge / Till after dinner none should interrupt him
R3 I.i.85[Brakenbury to Richard and Clarence, of King Edward] His majesty hath straitly given in charge / That no man shall have private conference ... with his brother
R3 IV.iii.25[Tyrrel to King Richard] If to have done the thing you gave in charge / Beget your happiness, be happy
Tem V.i.8[Ariel to Prospero, of Alonso and his followers] Confined together / In the same fashion as you gave in charge