gall (n.) Old form(s): gals
bile [reputed for its bitterness]
2H4 I.ii.177[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice, of young people like him] you do measure the heat of our livers with the bitterness of your galls
2H6 III.ii.322[Suffolk to Queen, of the King and Warwick] Gall, worse than gall, the daintiest that they taste!
E3 III.iii.72[King Edward to King John] If gall or wormwood have a pleasant taste, / Then is thy salutation honey-sweet
LLL V.ii.237.1[masked Princess to Berowne] Gall? Bitter
Luc.889[Lucrece as if to opportunity] Thy honey turns to gall
Mac I.v.46[Lady Macbeth alone] Come to my woman's breasts / And take my milk for gall
Mac IV.i.27[Third Witch to Witches] Gall of goat
PP.17.16[]O cruel speeding, fraughted with gall
TC I.iii.193[Nestor to all, of Thersites] A slave whose gall coins slanders like a mint
TC II.ii.145[Priam to Paris, of his brothers] You have the honey still, but these the gall
TC V.i.32[Patroclus to Thersites] Out, gall!