government (n.) Old form(s): Gonernment , gouernment
control, charge, management
1H4 IV.i.19[Hotspur to Messenger, of Northumberland's army] Under whose government come they along?
1H6 II.i.64[Alençon to all] Had all your quarters been as safely kept / As that whereof I had the government
Cym II.iv.150[Philario to Iachimo, of Posthumus] Quite besides / The government of patience!
MM IV.ii.133[Provost to disguised Duke, of Barnadine] his fact, till now in the government of Lord Angelo
MND V.i.123[Hippolyta to all, of Quince] he hath played on his prologue like a child on a recorder - a sound, but not in government
RJ IV.i.102[Friar to Juliet, of taking the potion] Each part, deprived of supple government [i.e. power of movement]

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