gross (adj.) Old form(s): grosse
plain, striking, evident, obvious
AW I.iii.167[Countess to Helena] Now to all sense 'tis gross
E3 II.i.143[King Edward to Lodowick, of what Lodowick has written] That line hath two faults, gross and palpable
H5 II.ii.103[King Henry to Scroop] the truth of it stands off as gross / As black and white
MM I.ii.154[Claudio to Lucio] our most mutual entertainment / With character too gross is writ on Juliet
MW III.iii.177[Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of Ford] I never saw him so gross in his jealousy till now
MW V.v.135[Falstaff to all, of his brain] it wants matter to prevent so gross o'erreaching as this
Oth I.ii.72[Brabantio to Othello, of Desdemona] if 'tis not gross in sense / That thou hast practised on her with foul charms
Oth III.iii.401[Iago to Othello, of Desdemona and Cassio] Were they ... fools as gross / As ignorance made drunk
Tim III.v.39.2[First Senator to Alcibiades] You cannot make gross sins look clear
Tim V.i.94[Timon to Poet and Painter, of a knave] you ... / Know his gross patchery
WT II.i.176[Leontes to Antigonus, of Hermione and Polixenes] their familiarity - / Which was as gross as ever touched conjecture