give over (v.) Old form(s): giue ore, giue ouer, giuen ouer
desert, leave, abandon
1H4 III.iii.35[Falstaff to Bardolph] thou art altogether given over [i.e. abandoned by heaven]
MND III.ii.130[Helena to Lysander, of Hermia] Will you give her o'er?
Tem II.i.12[Antonio aside to Sebastian, of Gonzalo] The visitor will not give him o'er so
Tim III.iii.13[Sempronius to Servant, of Timon] His friends, like physicians, / Thrice give him over
Tit IV.ii.48[Aaron to himself] Pray to the devils; the gods have given us over
TS I.ii.104[Petruchio to Hortensio] let me be thus bold with you / To give you over at this first encounter

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