heavy (adj.) Old form(s): heauie , heauier , heauiest , heauy
grave, serious, weighty
1H4 I.i.37[Westmorland to King Henry] A post from Wales, loaden with heavy news
1H4 II.iii.65[Lady Percy to Hotspur] Some heavy business hath my lord in hand
2H4 II.ii.168[Prince Henry to Poins] From a God to a bull? A heavy descension!
2H4 IV.v.39[Prince Henry to sleeping King Henry IV] Thy due from me / Is tears and heavy sorrows of the blood
AW II.v.44[Lafew to Bertram, of Parolles] Trust him not in matter of heavy consequence
Cor V.vi.143.1[Aufidius to Lords] I'll deliver / Myself your loyal servant, or endure / Your heaviest censure
Cym V.v.466[Cymbeline to Lucius, of the Queen and Cloten] Whom heavens in justice both on her, and hers, / Have laid most heavy hand
E3 II.i.456[Warwick to Countess] leave I with my blessing in thy bosom, / Which then convert to a most heavy curse / When thou convert'st from honour's golden name / To the black faction of bed-blotting shame
E3 III.i.117[King John to Philip] Now is begun the heavy day at sea
H5 IV.i.131[Williams to King Henry] the King himself hath a heavy reckoning to make
Ham II.ii.399[Polonius to Hamlet] Seneca cannot be too heavy, nor Plautus too light
Ham III.i.54[Claudius to himself, of what he has done] O, heavy burden!
Ham III.iii.84[Hamlet to himself, of his father] 'Tis heavy with him
Ham IV.i.12.2[Claudius to Gertrude] O, heavy deed!
KJ III.i.205[Lewis the Dauphin to King Philip, of the choice facing him] the difference / Is purchase of a heavy curse from Rome, / Or the light loss of England for a friend [also: weighty]
KL IV.vi.147[Lear to Gloucester] Your eyes are in a heavy case [i.e. in a bad way]
KL V.i.27[Albany to Edmund, of Lear] whom ... / Most just and heavy causes make oppose [i.e. bring us into opposition]
Luc.709[]With heavy eye, knit brow, and strengthless pace
Mac I.iii.109[Angus to Macbeth, of Cawdor] under heavy judgement bears that life / Which he deserves to lose
MM I.iv.65[Lucio to Isabella, of the law used by Angelo] Under whose heavy sense your brother's life / Falls into forfeit
MM II.iii.28[disguised Duke to Juliet, of Claudio] Then was your sin of heavier kind than his
Oth II.i.141[Desdemona to Iago] O heavy ignorance!
Oth IV.ii.115[Emilia to Iago, of Othello and Desdemona] my lord hath ... / Thrown such despite and heavy terms upon her
R2 I.iii.148[King Richard to Mowbray, of his sentence compared to Bolingbroke's] for thee remains a heavier doom
R3 III.iv.92[Hastings to himself, as if to Queen Margaret] now thy heavy curse / Is lighted on poor Hastings' wretched head!
RJ I.i.178[Romeo to Benvolio] O heavy lightness
RJ III.iii.157[Friar to Nurse, of Juliet] bid her hasten all the house to bed, / Which heavy sorrow makes them apt unto
Sonn.98.4[of April] heavy Saturn laughed and leaped with him
TC II.ii.189[Hector to all] to persist / In doing wrong extenuates not wrong, / But makes it much more heavy
TG I.ii.84[Lucetta to Julia, of the content of a letter] It is too heavy for so light a tune
Tim V.iv.63.1[Alcibiades to Senators, of soldiers who offend] [they] shall be remanded to your public laws / At heaviest answer

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