hie (v.) Old form(s): high , highes, Hye, hyes
hasten, hurry, speed
1H4 IV.iv.1[Archbishop to Sir Michael] Hie, good Sir Michael, bear this sealed brief / With winged haste to the Lord Marshal
2H4 IV.ii.71[Hastings to Captain, of the soldiers] Let them have pay, and part. ... Hie thee, captain!
AC II.iii.15[Soothsayer to Antony] hie you to Egypt again
AC V.ii.194.2[Cleopatra to Charmian] Hie thee again
AW II.v.77[Bertram to Helena] My haste is very great. Farewell. Hie home
AW III.iv.9[Steward reading Helena's letter to the Countess] My dearest master, your dear son, may hie
AW IV.iv.12[Helena to Widow and Diana] My husband hies him home
CE I.ii.90[Dromio of Ephesus to Antipholus of Syracuse] hie you home to dinner
CE III.ii.155[Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse] Go, hie thee presently
CE IV.i.103[Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Syracuse] To Adriana, villain, hie thee straight
Cor I.ii.26[Second Senator to Aufidius] Take your commission, hie you to your bands
Cym II.iii.137[Innogen to Pisanio] To Dorothy my woman hie thee presently
H5 III.ii.16[Pistol to all] My purpose should not fail with me, / But thither would I hie
H5 III.v.39[French King to all] hie to the field!
Ham I.i.155[Horatio to Barnardo and Marcellus] Th'extravagant and erring spirit hies / To his confine
JC I.iii.150[Cinna to Cassius] I will hie, / And so bestow these papers as you bade me
JC III.i.290[Antony to Servant] No Rome of safety for Octavius yet. / Hie hence, and tell him so
JC V.iii.78.2[Titinius to Messala] Hie you, Messala, / And I will seek for Pindarus the while
KJ III.i.347[King John to his men] To arms let's hie!
Luc.1215[of Lucrece] she hoarsely calls her maid, / Whose swift obedience to her mistress hies
Luc.1334[Lucrece, of her letter] she delivers it, / Charging the sour-faced groom to hie as fast / As lagging fowls before the northern blast
Luc.1341[of the messenger] forth with bashful innocence doth hie
Mac I.v.23[Lady Macbeth alone, as if to Macbeth] Hie thee hither
Mac III.i.34[Macbeth to Banquo] Hie you to horse
MND III.ii.355[Oberon to Puck] Hie therefore, Robin, overcast the night
MV I.iii.174.2[Antonio to Shylock] Hie thee, gentle Jew
MV II.ii.160[Bassanio to Leonardo] Hie thee, go
Oth IV.iii.47[Desdemona to Emilia, of Othello] Prithee hie thee; he'll come anon
Oth V.i.34[Othello to himself, as if to Desdemona] your dear lies dead, / And your unblest fate hies
Per Chorus.V.20[Gower alone, of Pericles' ship] Lysimachus ... to him in his barge with fervour hies
Per III.i.68[Pericles to Lychorida, of Thaisa] Hie thee, whiles I say / A priestly farewell to her
Per V.i.239[Diana to Pericles] My temple stands in Ephesus. Hie thee thither
PP.12.11[] O, sweet shepherd, hie thee, / For methinks thou stays too long
R2 V.i.22[Richard to Queen Isabel] Hie thee to France
R3 I.iii.142[Queen Margaret to herself, as if to Richard] Hie thee to hell for shame
R3 III.v.72[Richard to Buckingham] The Mayor towards Guildhall hies him in all post
R3 IV.i.43[Queen Elizabeth to Dorset] Go hie thee, hie thee from this slaughter-house
R3 IV.v.19[Derby to Urswick] Well, hie thee to thy lord
R3 V.iii.53[King Richard to Norfolk] hie thee to thy charge
RJ II.v.68[Nurse to Juliet] hie you hence to Friar Laurence' cell
RJ III.ii.138[Nurse to Juliet] Hie to your chamber.
RJ III.iii.164[Nurse to Romeo] Hie you, make haste, for it grows very late
RJ III.v.26[Juliet to Romeo] Hie hence, be gone, away!
RJ IV.iv.26[Capulet to Nurse] Hie, make haste
Sonn.153.12[] I, sick withal, the help of bath desired, / And thither hied
TG IV.ii.91[Silvia to Proteus] my will is even this, / That presently you hie you home to bed
TG IV.iv.85[Proteus to disguised Julia] Your message done, hie home unto my chamber
Tit III.i.284[Titus to Lucius] Hie to the Goths and raise an army there
TN I.v.296[Olivia to Malvolio] Hie thee, Malvolio!
TS IV.iv.62[Baptista to Lucentio as Cambio] hie you home
Ven.1189[of Venus] weary of the world, away she hies
Ven.3[] Rose-cheeked Adonis hied him to the chase
Ven.323[of the horses] As they were mad, unto the wood they hie them

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