honest (adj.)
chaste, pure, virtuous
2H4 II.iv.296[Prince Henry to Falstaff, of Doll] how vilely did you speak of me now, before this honest, virtuous, civil gentlewoman!
AC I.v.16[Mardian to Cleopatra] I can do nothing / But what indeed is honest to be done
AC V.ii.251[Clown to Cleopatra] a very honest woman [also: truthful]
AW III.vi.104.2[Second Lord to Bertram, of Diana] you say she's honest
AW IV.ii.11.1[Diana to Bertram, of her mother] She then was honest
AYL I.ii.37[Celia to Rosalind, of Fortune] those that she makes fair she scarce makes honest
AYL III.iii.15[Audrey to Touchstone, of 'poetical'] Is it honest in deed and word?
Ham III.i.103[Hamlet to Ophelia] Are you honest? ... if you be honest and fair [also, play on the sense of truthful]
KL I.ii.9[Edmund alone, of himself and his brother] my shape as true / As honest madam's issue
MV II.ii.14[Launcelot alone] being an honest man's son or rather an honest woman's son [second instance]
MW I.iv.135[Mistress Quickly to Fenton, of Anne] she is pretty, and honest, and gentle
MW II.i.220[Ford alone, of Mistress Ford] If I find her honest, I lose not my labour
MW II.ii.214[Ford as Brook to Falstaff, of Mistress Ford] though she appear honest to me
MW IV.ii.99[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford] Wives may be merry, and yet honest too
Oth III.iii.223[Othello to Iago] I do not think but Desdemona's honest
Oth III.iii.381[Othello to Iago] I think my wife be honest
Oth IV.ii.11[Emilia to Othello, of Deseemona] I durst, my lord, to wager she is honest
Per IV.ii.80[Marina to Bawd, replying to 'What would you have me be?'] An honest woman
Tim IV.iii.114[Timon to Alcibiades] Strike me the counterfeit matron - / It is her habit only that is honest
TNK V.ii.21[Doctor to Gaoler, of the Gaoler's Daughter] if she will be honest, / She has the path before her
TNK V.ii.28[Wooer to Doctor, of the Gaoler's Daughter] do you think she is not honest, sir?
WT II.i.68[Leontes to Lords, of Hermione] 'Tis pity she's not honest, honourable
WT II.i.76[Leontes to Lords, of Hermione] Ere you can say she's honest
WT II.iii.70[Paulina to Leontes] I am ... no less honest / Than you are mad