hazard (n.)
[gambling] chance, fortune; throw [of dice]
1H4 IV.i.48[Hotspur to all] Were it good ... To set so rich a main / On the nice hazard of one doubtful hour?
JC V.i.68[Cassius to Brutus] The storm is up, and all is on the hazard [i.e. everything is at stake]
KJ I.i.119[King John to Robert Faulconbridge, of women's adultery] Which fault lies on the hazards of all husbands / That marry wives
MV I.i.151[Bassanio to Antonio] I will ... bring your latter hazard back again
MV II.i.45.1[Portia to Morocco] after dinner / Your hazard shall be made
R3 V.iv.10[King Richard to Catesby] I will stand the hazard of the die
TC prologue.22[Prologue] Now expectation ... / Sets all on hazard
Tim V.iv.34[Second Senator to Alcibiades] by the hazard of the spotted die / Let die the spotted
TNK II.i.120[Palamon to Arcite, of souls] let 'em suffer / The gall of hazard [also: game of dice]