hardly (adv.) Old form(s): hardely
with great difficulty, only with difficulty
1H6 I.i.160[Third Messenger to Bedford] The Earl of Salisbury ... hardly keeps his men from mutiny
1H6 III.ii.40[Talbot alone] hardly we escaped the pride of France
2H4 II.iv.112[Falstaff to Pistol, of the Hostess] you shall not hardly offend her [i.e. you can hardly offend her]
2H6 I.iv.70[York to all] these oracles / Are hardly attained
2H6 V.i.92[York to King] Why hast thou broken faith with me, / Knowing how hardly I can brook abuse?
AC V.i.74[Caesar to all] you shall see / How hardly I was drawn into this war
Cor V.ii.69[Menenius to Coriolanus] I was hardly moved to come to thee
E3 IV.iii.24[Charles to Villiers] what is he, so senseless and secure, / That, having hardly passed a dangerous gulf, / Will put himself in peril there again? [or, in a violent way]
KJ V.vi.42[Bastard to Hubert, of the rising tide] Myself, well mounted, hardly have escaped
R2 II.iv.2[Captain to Salisbury] we have stayed ten days / And hardly kept our countrymen together
R3 II.i.58[Richard to all] If I ... / Have aught committed that is hardly borne / By any in this presence
TG II.i.103[Valentine to Silvia, of his letter] it came hardly off
TN III.iv.58[Servant to Olivia, of Viola as Cesario] I could hardly entreat him back
TNK V.iii.130[Theseus to Emilia, of Palamon and Arcite] heavens did / Make hardly one the winner

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