host (n.) Old form(s): hoast
army, armed multitude
1H6 IV.iv.31[Lucy to Somerset, of York] Swearing that you withhold his levied host, / Collected for this expedition
3H6 II.i.206[Messenger to Warwick] The Queen is coming with a puissant host
AC[Soldier to Enobarbus] Best you safed the bringer / Out of the host [i.e. through the lines]
AC IV.viii.33[Antony to Cleopatra] Had our great palace the capacity / To camp this host
Cym IV.ii.352.1[Soothsayer to Lucius, of the vision] which portends ... / Success to th'Roman host
E3 III.ii.66[Third Frenchman to all] in the midst our nation's glittering host
E3 IV.i.16[Salisbury alone, of King Edward] he intends to have his host removed
H5 III.v.50[French King to all, of King Henry] Rush on his host
H5 IV.chorus.32[Chorus, of King Henry] forth he goes and visits all his host
H5 IV.iii.112[King Henry to Montjoy] There's not a piece of feather in our host
H5 IV.iii.34[King Henry to Westmorland, of his message] proclaim it ... through my host
H5 IV.viii.113[King Henry to all] be it death proclaimed through our host / To boast of this

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