heaviness (n.) Old form(s): heauines, heauinesse
sadness, grief, sorrow
2H4 IV.ii.82[Archbishop to Mowbray] Against ill chances men are ever merry, / But heaviness foreruns the good event
2H4 IV.v.9[Clarence to Prince Henry] I am here, brother, full of heaviness
AC IV.xv.33[Cleopatra to all] Our strength is all gone into heaviness [also: weightiness]
E3 V.i.130[Salisbury to King Edward, of the army surrounding Prince Edward] to see the occasion with our eyes / Did thrice so much increase our heaviness
Luc.1283[Maid to Lucrece, of herself] She would request to know your heaviness
MV II.viii.52[Solanio to Salerio, of Antonio] let us ... quicken his embraced heaviness / With some delight or other
RJ III.iv.11[Lady Capulet to Paris, of Juliet] Tonight she's mewed up to her heaviness
RJ III.v.108[Lady Capulet to Juliet, of Capulet] who, to put thee from thy heaviness, / Hath sorted out a sudden day of joy
Tem V.i.200.1[Prospero to Alonso] Let us not burden our remembrances with / A heaviness that's gone
Tit III.ii.49[Marcus to Titus, of Young Lucius] the tender boy in passion moved / Doth weep to see his grandsire's heaviness