hale (v.) Old form(s): Hal'd , Hall'd
drag, pull, haul
1H6 I.i.149[Bedford to all] I'll hale the Dauphin headlong from his throne
1H6 II.v.3[Mortimer to Gaolers, of himself] like a man new haled from the rack
1H6 V.iv.64[Pucelle to all] ye hale me to a violent death
2H4 V.v.35[Pistol to Falstaff] Thy Doll ... / Is in base durance and contagious prison, / Haled thither / By most mechanical and dirty hand
2H6 IV.i.133[Lieutenant to soldiers, of Suffolk] Hale him away
2H6 IV.viii.55[Cade to himself, of the rebels] The name of Henry the Fifth hales them to an hundred mischiefs
AC II.v.65[stage direction, of Cleopatra and the Messenger] She hales him up and down
Cor V.iv.36[Messenger to Sicinius, of Brutus] The plebeians have got your fellow Tribune / And hale him up and down
MA II.iii.57[Benedick to himself] Is it not strange that sheep's guts should hale souls out of men's bodies?
Oth IV.i.139[Cassio to Iago, of Bianca] so hales and pulls me [Q; F shakes]
Per IV.i.55[Marina to Leonine, of Pericles] galling / His kingly hands haling ropes
TC IV.v.6.1[Agamemnon to Ajax, of a trumpet call to Hector] that the appalled air / May pierce the head of the great combatant, / And hale him hither
Tit V.ii.51[Titus to disguised Tamora, of horses] To hale thy vengeful waggon swift away
Tit V.iii.142[Marcus to Attendants, of Aaron] hither hale that misbelieving Moor
TN III.ii.58[Sir Toby to Fabian, of Sir Andrew and Viola] I think oxen and wain-ropes cannot hale them together
WT III.ii.100[Hermione to Leontes, of the baby] My third comfort [is] ... / Haled out to murder

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