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head (n.)
fighting force, army, body of troops
1H4 I.iii.278[Worcester to Hotspur and Northumberland] save our heads by raising of a head
1H4 III.i.60[Glendower to all] Three times hath Henry Bolingbroke made head / Against my power
1H4 III.ii.102[King Henry to Prince Hal, of Hotspur] He ... / Turns head against the lion's armed jaws [also: eyes]
1H4 IV.i.80[Hotspur to Worcester, of Northumberland] we without his help can make a head / To push against a kingdom [also: headway]
1H4 IV.iii.103[Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] he ... drove us to seek out / This head of safety
1H4 IV.iv.25[Sir Michael to Archbishop] there is ... a head / Of gallant warriors
1H4 V.i.66[Worcester to King Henry] We were enforced for safety sake to ... raise this present head
1H6 I.iv.100[Messenger to Talbot] the French have gathered head
2H4 I.i.168[Morton to Northumberland] You ... summed the account of chance before you said / 'Let us make head'
2H6 IV.v.9[Scales to Citizens] get you to Smithfield and gather head
3H6 II.i.140[Warwick to Edward and Richard] in the Marches here we heard you were, / Making another head to fight again
Cor II.ii.86[Cominius to all] When Tarquin made a head for Rome [i.e. against Rome]
Cor III.i.1[Coriolanus to Lartius] Tullus Aufidius then had made new head?
Cym IV.ii.139[Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] It may be heard at court that such as we ... / May make some stronger head
H5 II.ii.18[King Henry to Scroop and Cambridge, of his army] Doing the execution and the act / For which we have in head assembled them
H8 II.i.108[Buckingham to Vaux, of his father] Who first raised head against usurping Richard
JC IV.i.42[Antony to Octavius] we must straight make head
KJ V.ii.113[Lewis the Dauphin to Cardinal Pandulph] Before I drew this gallant head of war
Tit IV.iv.63[Aemilius to Saturninus] The Goths have gathered head

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