hot (adj.)
hot-tempered, angry, passionate
1H6 III.ii.58[Pucelle to Talbot] Are ye so hot, sir? [with bawdy pun]
1H6 III.iv.28[Vernon to Basset] to you, that were so hot at sea
2H4 IV.iv.63[King Henry IV to Clarence, of Prince Henry] When rage and hot blood are his counsellors
2H6 I.i.135[Cardinal to Gloucester] now ye grow too hot
2H6 II.i.25[Gloucester to Cardinal] Churchmen so hot?
2H6 V.i.151[Richard to Clifford] Oft have I seen a hot o'erweening cur / Run back and bite
CE I.ii.47[Dromio of Ephesus to Antipholus of Syracuse, of Dromio's mistress] She is so hot because the meat is cold
H5 IV.ii.8[Dauphin to Constable, of the horses] That their hot blood may spin in English eyes
H5 IV.vii.175[King Henry to Warwick and Gloucester] I do know Fluellen valiant, / And, touched with choler, hot as gunpowder
KJ II.i.314[English Herald to Hubert, of King John] Commander of this hot malicious day
KJ II.i.342[King Philip to King John] England, thou hast not saved one drop of blood, / In this hot trial, more than we of France
KL II.iv.99[Lear to Gloucester] Tell the hot Duke that
MV V.i.74[Lorenzo to Jessica, of colts] Fetching mad bounds, bellowing and neighing loud, / Which is the hot condition of their blood
R3 III.iv.37[Richard to Buckingham, of Hastings] Catesby /... finds the testy gentleman so hot / That he will lose his head ere give consent
RJ III.i.160[Benvolio to Prince, of Mercutio] Who, all as hot, turns deadly point to point
RJ III.v.175.2[Lady Capulet to Capulet] You are too hot
Tim III.v.11[Alcibiades to Senators] a friend of mine ... in hot blood / Hath stepped into the law
TS II.i.287[Petruchio to Baptista, of Katherina] She is not hot, but temperate as the morn
TS IV.i.18[Curtis to Grumio, of Katherina] Is she so hot a shrew as she's reported?