heavy (adj.) Old form(s): heauie , heauier , heauy
pressing, weighty, overpowering
1H4 IV.iii.80[Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] Some certain edicts and some strait decrees / That lie too heavy on the commonwealth
AW III.iii.4[Bertram to Duke, of being made general] it is / A charge too heavy for my strength
H5 II.ii.53[King Henry to Cambridge, Scroop, and Grey] your too much love and care of me / Are heavy orisons 'gainst this poor wretch! [or: sense 2]
KJ V.iii.4[King John to Hubert] This fever that hath troubled me so long / Lies heavy on me
Luc.1574[] Though woe be heavy, yet it seldom sleeps
Mac I.iv.17[Duncan to Macbeth] The sin of my ingratitude even now / Was heavy on me
Mac II.i.6[Banquo to Fleance] A heavy summons lies like lead upon me / And yet I would not sleep
MND III.ii.84[Demetrius alone] So sorrow's heaviness doth heavier grow
Per I.iv.91[Pericles to Cleon and DiIonyza] Nor come we to add sorrow to your tears, / But to relieve them of their heavy load
R2 I.ii.50[Duchess of Gloucester to John of Gaunt] Be Mowbray's sins so heavy in his bosom
Tem II.i.197[Sebastian to Alonso, of the latter's feeling sleepy] Do not omit the heavy offer of it
Tim III.v.10[Alcibiades to First Senator] It pleases time and fortune to lie heavy / Upon a friend of mine [or: adverb use]