hold (v.) Old form(s): holdes
keep, maintain, observe
1H4 II.iv.385[Hostess to all, of Falstaff] how he holds his countenance! [i.e. keeps his face straight]
1H4 III.i.46[Glendower to Hotspur] bring him out that is but woman's son / Can ... hold me pace in deep experiments [i.e.keep up with me]
1H4 III.ii.17[King Henry to Prince Hal] Could ... such rude society ... hold their level with thy princely heart?
1H6 II.iv.38[Suffolk to all, of Somerset] I think he held the right [i.e. maintained the right argument]
2H4 II.ii.101[Prince Henry to Poins, of Falstaff] he holds his place
2H6 V.ii.70[Richard to his sword] hold thy temper
AC IV.xi.4[Caesar to all] To the vales, / And hold our best advantage
AW I.i.76[Lafew to Helena] You must hold the credit of your father
AW I.i.8[Lafew to Bertram, of the King] He ... must of necessity hold his virtue to you
AW II.v.59[Bertram to Helena, of his course of action] Which holds not colour with the time
Cym I.vi.77[Queen alone, of Pisanio and Innogen] the remembrancer of her to hold / The hand-fast to her lord
KL I.iii.27[Gonerill to Oswald, of Lear] I'll write straight to my sister / To hold my very course
LLL V.ii.345[Princess to King] This field shall hold me, and so hold your vow [second instance]
MND I.ii.103[Bottom to all] hold, or cut bowstrings [i.e. keep your promise, or ?be disgraced]
MND II.i.231[Helena to Demetrius] Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase
R3 III.ii.104[Pursuivant to Hastings, of Hasting's state] God hold it, to your honour's good content!
Tem II.i.65[Gonzalo to all, of their formerly wet clothes] our garments ... hold, notwithstanding, their freshness and glosses
TNK II.i.113[Arcite to Palamon] to hold here a brave patience
TNK III.vi.136.2[Palamon to Theseus] Hold thy word
TNK III.vi.228[Emilia to Theseus] That oath was rashly made, and in your anger; / Your reason will not hold it
TNK III.vi.304[Theseus to Palamon and Arcite] hold your course [i.e. keep your word]
WT IV.iv.353.1[disguised Polixenes to Florizel, of Perdita] if you make a care / Of happy holding her [i.e. if you are concerned to keep her happy]