jealousy (n.) Old form(s): iealousie, Iealousies, Ielousies
suspicion, mistrust, apprehension
2H4 induction.16[Rumour alone] Rumour is a pipe / Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures
AC II.ii.137[Agrippa to Caesar and Antony] By this marriage / All little jealousies ... / Would then be nothing
Cym IV.iii.22[Cymbeline to Pisanio] We'll slip you for a season, but our jealousy / Does yet depend
H5 II.ii.126[King Henry to traitors] how hast thou with jealousy infected / The sweetness of affiance!
Ham II.i.113[Polonius to Ophelia] But beshrew my jealousy
Ham IV.v.19[Gertrude to herself] So full of artless jealousy is guilt
Luc.1516[of a painting of Sinon] He ... so ensconced his secret evil, /That jealousy itself could not mistrust
MA II.ii.44[Borachio to Don John] jealousy shall be called assurance
Mac IV.iii.29[Malcolm to Macduff] Let not my jealousies be your dishonours / But mine own safeties
MND IV.i.143[Theseus to Lysander and Demetrius] How comes this gentle concord in the world, / That hatred is so far from jealousy / To sleep by hate