bold (adj.)
over-confident, presumptuous, audacious, impudent
1H6 III.i.63[Richard to himself, imagining the lords talking to him] Must your bold verdict enter talk with lords?
2H6 I.iii.91[Suffolk to Queen] I am bold to counsel you in this [i.e. I dare to counsel you]
H8 V.iii.84.1[Gardiner to Cromwell] I shall remember this bold language [pun: 85, sense 3]
KL I.iv.238[Gonerill to Lear, of his knights] Men so disordered, so deboshed and bold
TG V.iv.163[Valentine to Duke] I dare be bold / With our discourse to make your grace to smile
TNK epilogue.11[Speaker to audience] I am not bold

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