kind (adj.) Old form(s): kinde
loving, affectionate, fond
2H6 I.i.19[King to Queen] I can express no kinder sign of love / Than this kind kiss [second instance]
AW V.iii.308[Helena to Bertram] I found you wondrous kind
CE I.i.44[Egeon to Duke, of his problems] Drew me from kind embracements of my spouse
KJ V.vii.108[Prince Henry to all] I have a kind soul that would give thanks
Sonn.105.9[] Fair, kind, and true, is all my argument
Tit I.i.64[Saturninus to Tribunes and Senators] be as just and gracious unto me / As I am confident and kind to thee
TS V.ii.14[Petruchio to Baptista] Padua affords nothing but what is kind

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