keep (v.) Old form(s): keepe
guard, watch, tend
1H6 II.i.63[Alençon to all] Had all your quarters been as safely kept / As that whereof I had the government
1H6 V.iv.30[Shepherd to Pucelle] thou didst keep my lambs a-field
2H4 I.i.1.1[Lord Bardolph alone] Who keeps the gate here, ho?
2H6 III.ii.183[Warwick to Suffolk, of Gloucester] you ... had the good Duke to keep
AW I.i.144[Parolles to Helena, of virginity] Keep it not
Ham IV.v.117.1[Laertes to his followers] Keep the door
Tit I.i.12[Bassianus to his followers] Keep then this passage to the Capitol
TNK II.v.39[Gaoler's Daughter alone, as if to her father] Get many more such prisoners ... / And shortly you may keep yourself

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