learn (v.) Old form(s): learn'd , learne , learnes
teach, instruct [not a regional dialect usage as in modern English]
AYL I.ii.5[Rosalind to Celia] you must not learn me
Cym I.vi.12[Queen to Cornelius] Hast not thou learned me how / To make perfumes?
Ham V.ii.9[Hamlet to Horatio] that should learn us / There's a divinity [Q2; F: teach]
MA IV.i.28[Claudio to Don Pedro] you learn me noble thankfulness
Oth I.iii.181[Desdemona to Brabantio] My life and education both do learn me / How to respect you
R2 IV.i.120[Bishop of Carlisle to and of all] true noblesse would / Learn him forbearance from so foul a wrong
RJ I.iv.93[Mercutio to Romeo, of Queen Mab] This is the hag, when maids lie on their backs, / That presses them and learns them first to bear
RJ III.ii.12[Juliet alone] Come, civil night ... / And learn me how to lose a winning match
Tem I.ii.365.1[Caliban to Miranda] The red plague rid you / For learning me your language!
TG II.vi.13[Proteus alone] he wants wit that wants resolved will / To learn his wit t'exchange the bad for better
TG V.iii.4[Silvia to Outlaws, of being captured] A thousand more mischances than this one / Have learned me how to brook this patiently

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