list (v.)
wish, like, please
1H6 I.v.22[Talbot to himself, of Pucelle] Drives back our troops and conquers as she lists
Cor III.ii.128[Volumnia to Coriolanus] Do as thou list
E3 IV.ii.68[King Edward to Captain, of the burgesses of Calais] they may command, / Dispose, elect, and govern as they list!
E3 IV.v.93[Charles to King John] let them fight that list
H8 II.ii.20[Norfolk to Lord Chamberlain, of Wolsey] That blind priest, like the eldest son of fortune, / Turns what he list
Ham I.v.177[Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] If we list to speak
KL V.iii.62.2[Regan to Albany, of Edmund] as we list to grace him
Luc.1008[Lucrece to herself] little stars may hide them when they list
MA III.iv.75[Margaret to Beatrice] I am not such a fool to think what I list
MW II.ii.115[Mistress Quickly to Falstaff, of Mistress Page] go to bed when she list, rise when she list
R3 III.v.83[Richard to Buckingham, of King Edward] his raging eye ... listed to make a prey [Q; F lusted]
RJ I.i.40[Gregory to Sampson, of the Montagues] I will frown as I pass by, and let them take it as they list
Sonn.58.9[] Be where you list, your charter is so strong, / That you yourself may privilege your time
Tem III.ii.130[Stephano to invisible Ariel] If thou beest a devil, take't as thou list
Tem III.ii.16[Trinculo to Stephano, of Caliban] Your lieutenant, if you list
Tit IV.i.99[Titus to Marcus, of Tamora] will she do what she list
TS III.i.89[Hortensio alone, as if to Bianca] Seize thee that list
TS IV.v.7[Petruchio to Katherina, of the sun] It shall be moon, or star, or what I list
Ven.154[Venus to Adonis] Two strengthless doves will draw me through the sky ... even where I list to sport me
Ven.564[of Venus] she takes all she can, not all she listeth