line (v.) Old form(s): lin'd , Linde , lyne
strengthen, support, fortify
1H4 II.iii.86[Lady Percy to Hotspur] my brother Mortimer ... hath sent for you / To line his enterprise
2H4 I.iii.27[Lord Bardolph to Archbishop, of Percy] who lined himself with hope
H5 II.iv.7[French King to Dauphin] with all swift despatch, / To line and new repair our towns of war
Mac I.iii.111[Angus to Macbeth, of Cawdor] Whether he was combined / With those of Norway, or did line the rebel / With hidden help and vantage ... I know not
TNK IV.ii.127[Messenger to Theseus, of one of the knights] his arms are brawny, / Lined with strong sinews

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