league (n.)
compact, alliance, treaty, bond of friendship
2H6 I.i.96[Gloucester to all, of the contract between the King and Queen] shameful is this league
E3 IV.ii.1[King Edward to Derby, of the citizens of Calais] they refuse our proffered league
KJ II.i.417[Hubert to King John and King Philip] I shall show you peace and fair-faced league
KJ V.i.65.2[Bastard to King John, of peace with France] O inglorious league!
KJ V.ii.38[Salisbury to Lewis the Dauphin] these two Christian armies might combine / The blood of malice in a vein of league
Luc.287[of hope and mistrust] So cross him [Tarquin] with their opposite persuasion / That now he vows a league, and now invasion
MW III.ii.23[Mistress Page to Ford, of Falstaff] There is such a league between my good man and he
Tit V.iii.23[Marcus to Lucius and Saturninus, of Titus' feast] For peace, for love, for league and good to Rome

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