large, at
at length, in full, thoroughly
1H6 I.i.109[Third Messenger to nobles] The circumstance I'll tell you more at large [ greater length]
1H6 I.iii.81[Gloucester to Winchester] we shall meet and break our minds at large
1H6 II.v.59[Richard to Mortimer, of the reason for Mortimer's imprisonment] Discover more at large what cause that was
1H6 V.i.42[Gloucester to Armagnac ambassador] I have informed his highness so at large
2H4 IV.iv.101[Harcourt to King Henry IV] The manner and true order of the fight / This packet ... contains at large
2H6 II.i.172[Buckingham to King, of the conspiracy] more at large your grace shall understand
CE IV.iv.141[Adriana to Officer] I long to know the truth hereof at large
CE V.i.396[Abbess to Duke] hear at large discoursed all our fortunes
H5 I.i.78[Canterbury to Ely, of King Henry] causes now in hand, / Which I have opened to his grace at large
MND V.i.150[Quince to all] Let Lion, Moonshine, Wall, and lovers twain / At large discourse while here they do remain
MW[Fenton to Host] The image of the jest / I'll show you here at large
Per I.i.1[Antiochus to Pericles] you have at large received / The danger of the task you undertake
Per V.i.59[Lysimachus to Helicanus] Let me entreat to know at large the cause / Of your king's sorrow
R2 III.i.41[York to Bolingbroke, of Queen Isabel] A gentleman of mine I have dispatched / With letters of your love to her at large
TG III.ii.61[Duke to Proteus] Upon this warrant shall you have access / Where you with Silvia may confer at large