fancy (n.) Old form(s): fancie , fancies
imagination, creativity, inventiveness
AC II.ii.206[Enobarbus to Agrippa and Maecenas, of Cleopatra] O'erpicturing that Venus where we see / The fancy outwork nature
AC V.ii.98[Cleopatra to Dolabella] Nature wants stuff / To vie strange forms with fancy
H5 III.chorus.7[Chorus] Play with your fancies
Ham V.i.182[Hamlet to Horatio, of Yorick] A fellow of ... most excellent fancy
Ham V.ii.149[Osrick to Hamlet, of the swords] Three of the carriages ... are very dear to fancy [i.e. a pleasure to think about]
MND V.i.25[Hippolyta to Theseus, of the lovers] all their minds transfigured so together, / More witnesseth than fancy's images
Per Chorus.III.13[Gower alone] time that is so briefly spent / With your fine fancies quaintly eche
Per V.ii.20[Gower alone, of the audience imagining Pericles travelling to Ephesus] That he can hither come so soon / Is by your fancies' thankful doom
TNK V.iii.103.1[Emilia to herself] our reasons are not prophets / When oft our fancies are [i.e. our powers of imagination can often tell the future better than our powers of reason]