fear (v.) Old form(s): feard , fear'd , feare
fear for, worry about, be anxious about
1H4 IV.i.24[Messenger to Worcester, of Northumberland] He was much feared by his physicians
3H6 III.ii.24[George aside to Richard, of Lady Grey] I fear her not unless she chance to fall
AW III.v.28[Diana to Mariana] You shall not need to fear me
Ham IV.v.124[Claudius to Gertrude] Do not fear our person
MM III.i.77[Isabella to Claudio] I do fear thee
MV III.ii.29[Bassanio to Portia, of mistrust] Which makes me fear th'enjoying of my love
Tim II.ii.15[Varro's Servant to Caphis, responding to 'Would we were all discharged'] I fear it [i.e. I fear the worst]
TS IV.iv.10[Tranio as Lucentio to Pedant as Vincentio, of Biondello] Fear you not him
Ven.642[Venus to Adonis] When thou didst name the boar ... / I feared thy fortune

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