feature (n.)
physical appearance, bodily shape, looks
1H6 V.v.68[Suffolk to all, of Margaret] Her peerless feature, joined with her birth, / Approves her
AC II.v.112[Cleopatra to Alexas, of the Messenger] bid him / Report the feature of Octavia
AYL III.iii.3[Touchstone to Audrey] Doth my simple feature content you?
Cym V.v.163[Iachimo to Cymbeline, of Italian women] for feature, laming / The shrine of Venus
Ham III.i.160[Ophelia alone, of Hamlet] That unmatched form and feature of blown youth [F; Q2 stature]
Ham III.ii.22[Hamlet to Players] show virtue her own feature
KJ IV.ii.264[King John to Hubert] Forgive the comment that my passion made / Upon thy feature
R3 I.i.19[Richard alone, of himself] Cheated of feature by dissembling Nature
Tem III.i.52[Miranda to Ferdinand] How features are abroad / I am skill-less of
TG II.iv.71[Valentine to Duke, of Proteus] He is complete in feature and in mind

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