foul (adj.) Old form(s): foule , fowle
dirty, miry, muddy
1H4 II.i.85[Chamberlain to Gadshill, of the commonwealth] Will she hold out water in foul way? [i.e. keep water off you when you are in trouble]
AYL V.iv.60[Touchstone to Duke Senior] as your pearl in your foul oyster [or: sense 1]
MW III.iii.122[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford, of Falstaff] throw foul linen upon him, as if it were going to bucking
TNK I.ii.58[Palamon to Arcite] to go tiptoe / Before the street be foul? [i.e. even though the street is not dirty]
TNK III.iii.51[Arcite to Palamon] You are now too foul
TS IV.i.2[Grumio alone] fie on ... all foul ways!
TS IV.i.59[Grumio to Curtis] we came down a foul hill

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