bond (n.) Old form(s): Bondes
deed, contract, pledge
2H4 I.ii.31[Page to Falstaff, of Master Dommelton and Bardolph] He would not take his bond and yours
CE IV.i.13[Angelo to Second Merchant] I will discharge my bond [i.e. to pay money]
Cym III.ii.37[Innogen to Pisanio] Lovers / And men in dangerous bonds pray not alike [i.e. in danger of breaking a contract, by breaking the wax seal]
Luc.136[] Those that much covet are with gain so fond / That what they have not, that which they possess, / They scatter and unloose it from their bond
Mac III.ii.49[Macbeth as if to the night] Cancel and tear to pieces that great bond / Which keeps me pale
Mac IV.i.83[Macbeth to himself] I'll make assurance double sure, / And take a bond of fate
MND III.ii.267[Demetrius to Lysander] I would I had your bond [pun: 268, sense 4]
MV I.iii.65[Shylock to Antonio] Well then, your bond [and throughout the play]
MV III.i.43[Shylock to Solanio and Salerio, of Antonio] Let him look to his bond
TN III.i.20[Feste to Viola as Cesario] words are very rascals, since bonds disgraced them