fearful (adj.) Old form(s): fearefull , fearfull
timid, timorous, frightened, full of fear
1H4 IV.i.67[Worcester to Hotspur, of popular belief about Northumberland's absence] such an apprehension / May turn the tide of fearful faction
2H6 III.i.331[York alone] steel thy fearful thoughts
2H6 III.ii.224[Warwick to Suffolk, of the latter begging his pardon] after all this fearful homage done
2H6 IV.iv.2[Queen to herself] grief softens the mind, / And makes it fearful and degenerate
2H6 IV.viii.41[Clifford to rebels] The fearful French ... / Should make a start o'er seas and vanquish you
3H6 I.i.178[Westmorland to King] Base, fearful, and despairing Henry!
3H6 I.i.25[Warwick to York] This is the palace of the fearful King
3H6 II.ii.30[Clifford to King, of birds' wings] Which sometime they have used with fearful flight
3H6 V.iv.44[Prince to all] did I but suspect a fearful man, / He should have leave to go away betimes
3H6 V.iv.7[Queen to all, of the King] like a fearful lad, / With tearful eyes add water to the sea
CE I.i.68[Egeon to Duke, of the light] Did but convey unto our fearful minds / A doubtful warrant of immediate death
H8 V.i.87.2[Cranmer to himself, of King Henry] I am fearful - wherefore frowns he thus?
KJ IV.ii.106[King John to Messenger] A fearful eye thou hast
KJ IV.ii.191[Hubert to King John, of the people hearing of Arthur's death] he that hears makes fearful action, / With wrinkled brows, with nods, with rolling eyes
MM III.i.210[disguised Duke to Isabella] Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful
MM IV.ii.183[disguised Duke to Provost] I see you fearful
R3 IV.iii.51[King Richard to Ratcliffe] I have learned that fearful commenting / Is leaden servitor to dull delay
R3 IV.iv.311[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of Dorset] that with a fearful soul / Leads discontented steps in foreign soil
RJ I.iv.108[Romeo to Benvolio] Some consequence ... / Shall bitterly begin his fearful date / With this night's revels
RJ II.chorus.8[Chorus, of Juliet] And she steal love's sweet bait from fearful hooks
RJ III.iii.1[Friar calling to Romeo] Come forth, thou fearful man
RJ III.v.3[Juliet to Romeo] It was the nightingale, and not the lark, / That pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear
TNK epilogue.3[Speaker to audience] I am cruel fearful
Ven.677[Venus to Adonis, of hunting hare, fox, or roe] Pursue these fearful creatures o'er the downs