action (n.)
movement, demeanour, gesture
H5 III.i.6[King Henry to all] imitate the action of the tiger
Ham III.ii.17[Hamlet to Players] Suit the action to the word, the word to the action
Ham III.iv.129[Hamlet to Ghost] with this piteous action
JC III.ii.223[Antony to all] I have neither wit, not words, nor worth, / Action, nor utterance ... / To stir men's blood
KJ IV.ii.191[Hubert to King John, of the people hearing of Arthur's death] he that hears makes fearful action, / With wrinkled brows, with nods, with rolling eyes
Luc.1433[of Trojan mothers in a painting of Troy] to their hope they such odd action yield
Mac V.i.28[Gentlewoman to Doctor, of Lady Macbeth washing her hands] It is an accustomed action with her
MW IV.v.109[Falstaff to Mistress Quickly, of his escape from Ford] my counterfeiting the action of an old woman
TS induction.1.108[Lord to Servingman, of his Page dressed as a woman] Tell him ... / He bear himself with honourable action
TS induction.1.130[Lord alone, of his Page] I know the boy will well usurp the grace, / Voice, gait, and action of a gentlewoman