fact (n.)
evil deed, wicked act, crime
1H6 IV.i.30[Gloucester to all, of Falstaff's cowardliness] this fact was infamous
2H6 I.iii.171[Warwick to all, of Somerset's behaviour] a fouler fact / Did never traitor in the land commit
Cym III.ii.17.1[Pisanio alone, of the proposal to kill Innogen] That I should seem to lack humanity / So much as this fact comes to
Luc.239[Tarquin to himself] Shameful it is - ay, if the fact be known
Luc.349[Tarquin to himself, of raping Lucrece] The powers to whom I pray abhor this fact
Mac III.vi.10[Lennox to Lord, of the way Duncan died] Damned fact, / How it did grieve Macbeth!
MM IV.ii.133[Provost to disguised Duke, of Barnadine] his fact ... came not to an undoubtful proof
MM V.i.431[Duke to Mariana, of Isabella] Should she kneel down in mercy of this fact
Per IV.iii.12[Cleon to Dionyza, of toasting Leonine in poison] 't had been a kindness / Becoming well thy fact [Q face]
Tim III.v.16[Alcibiades to Senators, of his friend's transgression] Nor did he soil the fact with cowardice
WT III.ii.84[Leontes to Hermione] As you were past all shame - / Those of your fact are so

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