forsooth (adv.) Old form(s): For-sooth
in truth, certainly, truly, indeed
1H4 I.iii.138[Hotspur to Worcester and Northumberland], of King Henry] He will forsooth have all my prisoners
1H4 II.iv.41[Francis to Prince Hal, responding to ‘How long hast thou to serve, Francis?’] Forsooth, five years
1H4 IV.iii.78[Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] He ... now forsooth takes on him to reform / Some certain edicts
1H6 IV.i.157[King to all] As well they may upbraid me with my crown / Because, forsooth, the King of Scots is crowned
1H6 V.iv.83[Richard to all, of Pucelle being pregnant] And yet, forsooth, she is a virgin pure!
2H6 I.iii.113[Queen to Salisbury, of Somerset being Regent] Because the King, forsooth, will have it so
2H6 I.iii.29[Peter to Queen, of someone being heir to the crown] That my master was? No, forsooth; my master said that he was
2H6 II.i.111[Simpcox to Gloucester, of the colour of Gloucester's gown] Black, forsooth, coal-black as jet
2H6 II.i.61[Man to Suffolk] Forsooth, a blind man at Saint Alban's shrine / Within this half-hour hath received his sight
2H6 II.i.92[Wife to Queen, agreeing with Simpcox] Most true, forsooth
2H6 II.iii.81[Peter to Salisbury, on being asked his name] Peter, forsooth
2H6 III.ii.183[Warwick to Suffolk, of Gloucester] And you, forsooth, had the good Duke to keep
AC V.ii.278[Clown to Cleopatra] Yes, forsooth. I wish you joy o'th' worm
AW I.iii.92[Clown to Countess] I am going, forsooth
AYL III.ii.348[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando, of the poems in the forest] all, forsooth, deifying the name of Rosalind.
CE V.i.243[Antipholus of Ephesus to Duke, of Pinch] This pernicious slave, / Forsooth, took on him as a conjurer
Cor III.ii.85[Volumnia to Coriolanus, of the citizens] thou wilt frame / Thyself, forsooth, hereafter theirs
H8 III.i.87[Queen Katherine to all] Can you think, lords, / That any Englishman dare give me counsel ... 'gainst his highness' pleasure ... / And live a subject? Nay, forsooth, my friends
H8 III.ii.124[King Henry to all, of Wolsey's papers] wot you what I found / There, on my conscience, put unwittingly? Forsooth, an inventory
KL I.iv.190[Fool to Gonerill] Yes, forsooth, I will hold my tongue
LLL III.i.170[Berowne alone] And I, forsooth, in love!
MA II.iii.55[Don Pedro to Balthasar] Why, these are very crotchets that he speaks; / Note notes, forsooth, and nothing
MND II.i.70[Titania to Oberon] Why art thou here ... / But that, forsooth, the bouncing Amazon, / Your buskined mistress and your warrior love, / To Theseus must be wedded?
MND III.ii.230[Helena to Hermia] wherefore doth Lysander ... tender me forsooth affection, / But by your setting on
MND III.ii.293[Hermia to all, of Helena and Lysander] with her personage, her tall personage, / Her height, forsooth, she hath prevailed with him
MW I.i.248[Slender to Anne] I thank you, forsooth, heartily
MW I.iv.18[Simple replying to Mistress Quickly] Ay, forsooth
MW II.i.153[Mistress Quickly replying to Mistress Page] Ay, forsooth
MW II.ii.83[Mistress Quickly replying to Falstaff] Ay, forsooth
MW III.ii.5[Robin to Mistress Page] I had rather, forsooth, go before you like a man than follow him like a dwarf
MW III.iii.145[John and RoObert to Ford, of where they are taking the basket] To the laundress, forsooth
MW III.v.71[Falstaff to Ford as Brook, of Ford's actions] and, forsooth, to search his house
MW IV.i.71[William to Evans] Forsooth, I have forgot
MW IV.v.96[Falstaff to Mistress Quickly, responding to ‘whence come you?’] From the two parties, forsooth
MW V.ii.4[Slender replying to Page] Ay, forsooth
Oth I.i.19[Iago to Roderigo, of Cassio] And what was he? / Forsooth, a great arithmetician
R3 I.iii.44[Richard to all] Who is it that complains unto the King / That I, forsooth, am stern, and love them not?
RJ IV.ii.12[Nurse replying to Capulet] Ay, forsooth
TC I.iii.172[Ulysses to all] then, forsooth, the faint defects of age / Must be the scene of mirth
Tit IV.iv.40[Clown replying to Tamora] Yea, forsooth
TS III.ii.8[Katherina to Baptista] I must forsooth be forced / To give my hand, opposed against my heart, / Unto a mad-brain rudesby
TS IV.iii.1[Grumio to Katherina, of what she has just said] No, no, forsooth, I dare not for my life

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