fair (adv.) Old form(s): faire
kindly, encouragingly, courteously
2H4 V.ii.33[Clarence to Lord Chief Justice] you must now speak Sir John Falstaff fair, / Which swims against your stream of quality
2H6 IV.i.122[First Gentleman to Suffolk, of the Lieutenant] entreat him, speak him fair
3H6 I.i.271[King to Exeter, of Clifford, Northumberland, and Westmorland] I'll write unto them and entreat them fair
3H6 V.iv.24[Queen to all] As good to chide the waves as speak them fair
CE IV.ii.16.1[Adriana to Luciana, of Antipholus of Syracuse] Didst speak him fair?
CE IV.iv.150[Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse, of the townspeople] You saw they speak us fair
Ham IV.i.36[Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] Speak fair
MND II.i.199[Demetrius to Helena] Do I speak you fair?
R2 III.iii.128[King Richard to Aumerle] We do debase ourselves ... / To look so poorly and to speak so fair
R3 IV.iv.152[King Richard to Duchess of York and Queen Elizabeth] be patient and entreat me fair
TC IV.iv.112[Troilus to Diomedes, of Cressida] Entreat her fair
TN V.i.186[Viola as Cesario to Sir Andrew] I bespake you fair, and hurt you not
TS I.ii.177[Hortensio to Gremio] if you speak me fair, / I'll tell you news indifferent good for either

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