fondly (adv.)
foolishly, stupidly, madly
2H4 IV.ii.119[Prince John to Archbishop, Hastings, and Mowbray] Most shallowly did you these arms commence, / Fondly brought here
3H6 II.ii.38[Clifford to King, of what Prince Edward might say] What my great-grandfather and grandsire got / My careless father fondly gave away
CE IV.ii.56[Adriana to Dromio of Syracuse] How fondly dost thou reason!
KJ II.i.258[King Philip to Hubert] if you fondly pass our proffered offer
R2 III.iii.185[Northumberland to Bolingbroke, of King Richard] Sorrow and grief of heart / Makes him speak fondly
R2 IV.i.72[Fitzwater to Surrey] How fondly dost thou spur a forward horse!
R3 III.vii.146[Richard to Buckingham, of the yoke of sovereignty] Which fondly you would here impose on me
TS IV.ii.31[Hortensio to Tranio as Lucentio, of Bianca] As one unworthy all the former favours / That I have fondly flattered her withal