frame (v.)
arrange, organize, plan
2H4 IV.i.178[Westmorland to all] In sight of both our battles we may meet, / At either end in peace - which God so frame!
2H6 III.i.52[Suffolk to Queen, of Gloucester] Did instigate the bedlam brain-sick Duchess / By wicked means to frame our sovereign's fall
H8 I.ii.44[Queen Katherine to Wolsey] you frame / Things that are known alike
KL I.ii.98[Gloucester to Edmund] Frame the business after your own wisdom
MA I.iii.23[Conrade to Don John] it is needful that you frame the season for your own harvest
Tim IV.iii.263[Timon to Apemantus, of those offering service] more than I could frame employment [i.e. find employment for]

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