false (adj.)
wrong, mistaken
1H4 II.iv.432[Falstaff as Prince Hal to Prince Hal as King Henry, of the complaints made against the prince] they are false!
1H6 II.iii.17[Countess to Talbot] I see report is fabulous and false
1H6 II.iv.56[Lawyer to Somerset] Unless my study and my books be false, / The argument you held was wrong in you
2H4 II.i.109[Lord Chief Justice to Falstaff] I am well acquainted with your manner of wrenching the true cause the false way
2H4 induction.40[Rumour, of people bringing news] From Rumour's tongues / They bring smooth comforts false, worse than true wrongs
2H4 induction.8[Rumour, of himself] Stuffing the ears of men with false reports
2H6 III.i.181[Suffolk to King] swear / False allegations
2H6 III.i.193[Gloucester to all] Ah, that my fear were false
2H6 III.ii.139[King to all, of suspecting Gloucester to have been murdered] If my suspect be false, forgive me, God
2H6 IV.ii.131[Stafford's Brother to Cade, rejecting the claim that Clarence's daughter had two children] That's false
AC II.i.18.1[Pompey to Menas, of Caesar and Lepidus being in arms] Where have you this? 'Tis false
AC IV.iv.7[Antony to Cleopatra, of her inadequately helping him on with his armour] False, false
AW III.ii.110[Helena alone, as if to bullets] Fly with false aim
CE V.i.179[Adriana to Messenger] And that is false thou dost report to us
CE V.i.209[Adriana to Duke, of what Antipholus of Ephesus has said] So befall my soul / As this is false he burdens me withal
Cor IV.v.154[Second Servingman to First Servingman, of Coriolanus] his clothes made a false report of him
Cym III.v.53[Cymbeline to all] Grant heavens, that which I fear / Prove false!
Cym IV.ii.353[Lucius to Soothsayer, of his dream predicting Roman success] Dream often so, / And never false
Ham IV.v.111[Gertrude to all, of the people] How cheerfully on the false trail they cry!
JC II.ii.63[Caesar to Decius, of the senators] tell them that I will not come today: / Cannot, is false; and that I dare not, falser
KJ III.i.27[Salisbury to Constance, of his words] As true as I believe you think them false / That give you cause to prove my saying true
KJ IV.ii.124[Messenger to King John, of Constance's deeath] this from rumour's tongue / I idly heard; if true or false I know not
KJ IV.iii.91[Hubert to all, of being accused a murderer] Whose tongue soe'er speaks false, / Not truly speaks; who speaks not truly, lies
KL III.vi.110[Edgar alone, of himself] thyself bewray / When false opinion, whose wrong thoughts defile thee, / In thy just proof repeals and reconciles thee
LLL V.i.74[Holofernes to all] I smell false Latin!
LLL V.ii.619[Berowne to Holofernes, responding to ‘You have put me out of countenance’] False! We have given thee faces
Luc.2[of Tarquin] Borne by the trustless wings of false desire
Luc.642[Lucrece to and of Tarquin] His true respect will prison false desire
MA II.i.273[Don Pedro to Beatrice, of Claudio] his conceit is false.
MA IV.i.235[Friar to all, of his proposal] But if all aim but this be levelled false, / The supposition of the lady's death / Will quench the wonder of her infamy
MM V.i.288[disguised Duke to Escalus, responding to a charge] 'Tis false
MND III.ii.253[Lysander to Helena] I swear by that which I will lose for thee / To prove him false that says I love thee not
Oth I.iii.19[First Senator to all, of the Turkish fleet's movements] 'Tis a pageant / To keep us in false gaze
R2 IV.i.27[Aumerle to Bagot] what thou hast said is false
R2 IV.i.64[Surrey to Fitzwater, of his accusation] As false, by heaven, as heaven itself is true
R3 II.i.55[Richard to all] if any here / By false intelligence or wrong surmise / Hold me a foe
RJ III.i.177[Lady Capulet to Prince, of Benvolio] Affection makes him false. He speaks not true.
Sonn.148.5[] If that be fair whereon my false eyes dote
TN II.iii.6[Sir Toby to Sir Andrew, of what the latter has said] A false conclusion!
TNK III.v.52[Schoolmaster to Countrymen, of the unexpected absence of a dancer] In manners this was false position [i.e. comparable to an error in logic]
Ven.1024[Venus to love] Trifles unwitnessed with eye or ear / Thy coward heart with false bethinking grieves
Ven.651[of jealousy] Gives false alarms, suggesteth mutiny
Ven.658[of jealousy] That sometime true news, sometime false doth bring
WT V.ii.157[Shepherd to Clown, of swearing an oath] How if it be false, son?